Death to Counterfeit Christianity by Lydia Marrow


God has raised up Lydia Marrow like a well sharpened spiritual sword that has been forged in the Fires of Revival! She is not only a woman after Gods own heart for revival but has a history with God of obtaining first-hand knowledge and has become an eye witness and living link to the spiritual aftermath of one of the greatest moves of God to ever shake America known as the Brownsville Revival. Her voice is a clear clarion call to a generation in the last days trumpeting the sound of authentic Christianity that is marked with the power of the Holy Ghost and wrapped in the nonnegotiable lifestyle of holiness.

This book entitled, Death to Counterfeit Christianity,is sure to be a spiritual weapon of raw truth and real-time experiences that will open the eyes of your understanding concerning principles that are catalytic for anyone who is hungry enough to contend for sustainable revival. This book is armed with step by step revelation to propel you to a greater level of surrender while leaving no stone unturned in the lives of those that believe that there is a shortcut to revival. Finally, this book serves as a weapon of mass destruction against counterfeit Christianity that manifests through the spirit of religion while simultaneously adding spiritual fuel to the hearts of the fiery burning ones. Rest assured, the true burning ones will settle for nothing less than revival in the last days before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ!  

​​​​​- Dr. Caleb Cooper





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