Kingdom Foundations: Exploring Fundamentals of the Faith eCourse


Jesus gave us a clarion call to ensure that our house is built on the rock as we navigate through the global spiritual storms of the end of days. Get the biblical foundation needed to stand against theological warfare.



We are living in the last of the last days, and theological warfare is one of the enemy’s chief weapons of war that brings deception. The kingdom of hell does not care how much you know about God as long as what you know is not biblically sound. Satan consistently attacks the Body of Christ with spirits of confusion and deception, hoping to crack their biblical foundation. He desires to thrust them your doctrinal error. This course will explore biblically sound fundamentals of the faith that will bring great resistance against any spiritual weapon of war that hell forms against you. It will also ignite, reignite, or stoke the importance of never drifting from the fundamentals of the faith. Jesus gave us a clarion call to ensure that our house is built on the rock as we navigate through the global spiritual storms of the end of days.

Explore biblically fundamentals so you can:

  • Experience spiritual conviction from the Holy Spirit that will ignite lukewarm living.
  • Lean on the confidence and security of your salvation during spiritual warfare.
  • Challenge your heart and knowledge to ensure you’re standing on biblical truth.

Course Lessons

Watch each 45 +min lesson in 4K video.

  • Lesson One: The Certainty of Salvation is Found in Christ
  • Lesson Two: The Power and the Process of Repentance
  • Lesson Three: The Effects of Being Baptized in the Holy Spirit
  • Lesson Four: Worshipping Jesus No Matter the Cost
  • Lesson Five: Spiritual Laws of Prayer that Penetrates the Heavens
  • Lesson Six: Biblical Stewardship Functioning From the Economy of Heaven

The kingdom fundamentals you’ll learn will help you:

  • Be urgent to guard against doctrinal error.
  • Discern the lies of the enemy quickly.
  • Strengthen your foundations of the faith in the last days.

What people are saying about Caleb’s teaching:

Pastor Caleb Cooper is a man whom I have come to admire and respect immensely. I was familiar with his ministry because “good news travels fast,” but with me on the East Coast and he out West, we have yet to cross paths. A mutual friend, Apostle Fred Berry, who oversees the iconic Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles, CA, had us both slated to speak at a conference and opposed to wait in person, I felt strongly in my spirit that I needed to reach out and say, “Hello.” That risk quickly became a reward when I sensed on the phone what I already saw; God would bring us together not only to make a difference in California, but also in the state of New Mexico. As he shared and I instantly picked up on his integrity and enthusiasm, I knew that God was not only bonding a friendship, but also an assignment. Caleb has a deep passion for God and country. Pastor Caleb Cooper has assembled after that first phone call will not only be a game-changer for some, but also a life-changer for others. As you glean from the diamonds of gems in these pages, my prayer is that it will stretch you to not only become your best, but also to cheer each other on in the process. It is fitting that this book is being assembled and distributed out of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico because the truth is, if we quit now, or refuse to move forward with love and leadership, there will be consequences because we gave up on the truth. I have met Truth and it is not a program, a policy, or a product, but He’s a person and Jesus is worth living for and need be worth dying for, as well. – Frank Shelton, Jr., Radio Host, “By Faith” with Frank Shelton Founder, Frank Shelton Global


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