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The Trail of Joy Tour consists of a 7 day Tent Revival dedicated to the Unity of the Body of Christ.

It is our belief that if we are to truly see change, we have to spend time with one another in His presence.  This is so we can first be unified with God and then that will make us one with each other.

We also have 3 other Grassroots Workshops designed to bring reformation of the church and our native reservations.


Location: TBD

Hear Revivalist Caleb Cooper deliver a fiery and timely word on the Trail of Joy Tour!

Dr. Caleb Cooper is married to his lovely wife Erica and has two wonderful children, Izabella, and Caleb Titus Cooper. They have served in the ministry for almost two decades. A majority of those years have been spent Senior Pastoring. Caleb answered the call of God in 2003, when he heard the Lord say, “Son, I have called you to preach the Gospel with accompanied signs, wonders, and miracles and prepare a generation for the return of Jesus Christ!” Caleb is a firebrand revivalist that carries a unique calling and spiritual gift set to not only pastor God’s people but mobilize the body of Christ in the spirit of unity to labor together as ONE.
Dr. Caleb Cooper received his Doctorate Degree in Biblical Studies from FountainGate School of Revival.

He currently serves as the Director of Affiliate Schools for FGSOR. He is the author of “Pioneering Prophetic Patterns of Purpose,” “Jesus Focused: Awakening Endtime Prophetic Strategy,” “The Convergence of Revival and the King’s Arrival,” “The Call For Strong Godly Leadership,” “Uncompromised Revival Fire,” and more.

He has two podcasts, “Uncompromised Revival Fire” and “Battle Ready Remnant.” He has also written many articles for Charisma Magazine and Destiny Image Publishers. Finally, Dr. Cooper’s story of refusing to close down New Hope Revival Church during the pandemic even in the face of a “Cease and Desist Order” by New Mexico State Police will be shown in the upcoming movie by KrisAnne Hall called Noncompliant 2: The Sheriff.


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