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You were born for such a time as this and there is a prophetic destiny that lies ahead of you.  The question is,”Will You Step into it?” Operating in the prophetic requires a heart of obedience to God.

Todd Smith, North Georgia Revival, “Caleb has hit the TARGET! The revelation in this book is real-time applicable, fresh, and saturated with God’s anointing. My spirit has been stirred and propelled into action. This is a must read.”

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This book will take you on a powerful prophetic journey through real life experiences marked by the Word of God that reveals how each “Encounter With God Leads To Another Encounter.” You were born for such a time as this and there is a prophetic destiny that lies ahead of you. The question is,”Will You Step into it?” Operating in the prophetic requires a heart of obedience to God. This book,”Pioneering Prophetic Patterns of Purpose”reveals how ENCOUNTER after ENCOUNTER with God will begin to order the steps of a righteous man or woman of God. May this book become an inspirational transformational resource to those that desire to walk in their prophetic destiny and unlock the prophetic purposes of their region as they become the prophetic Word made flesh like Jesus in the earth.

Dr. Caleb Cooper is married to his lovely wife Erica and has two wonderful children. They have been in the ministry for over eighteen years, fifteen of which in Senior Pastoring. Caleb answered the call of God in 2003, when he heard the Lord say, “Son, I have called you to preach the Gospel with accompanied signs, wonders, and miracles and prepare a generation for the return of Jesus Christ!” Caleb is a firebrand revivalist that carries a unique calling and spiritual gift set to not only pastor God’s people but mobilize the body of Christ in the spirit of unity to labor together as ONE.

Dr. Caleb Cooper received his Doctorate Degree in Biblical Studies from FountainGate School of Revival. He currently serves as the Director of Affiliate Schools for FGSOR. He is the author of “Pioneering Prophetic Patterns of Purpose,” “Jesus Focused: Awakening Endtime Prophetic Strategy,” “The Convergence of Revival and the King’s Arrival,” “The Call For Strong Godly Leadership,” “Uncompromised Revival Fire,” and more.

He has two podcasts, “Uncompromised Revival Fire” and “Battle Ready Remnant.” He has also written many articles for Charisma Magazine and Destiny Image Publishers. Finally, Dr. Cooper’s story of refusing to close down New Hope Revival Church during the pandemic even in the face of a “Cease and Desist Order” by New Mexico State Police will be shown in the upcoming movie by KrisAnne Hall called Noncompliant 2: The Sheriff. The movie/documentary releases Fall 2022.

Fred Berry, Azusa Street Mission, “Pastor Caleb Cooper takes us on a prophetic journey like a modern day ‘John the Baptist.’ His book carries the prophetic call for the army of the Lord to arise and confront the fear, the doubt and unbelief that has hindered the Body of Christ from crossing into our destiny.”

Todd Smith, North Georgia Revival, “Caleb has hit the TARGET! The revelation in this book is real-time applicable, fresh, and saturated with God’s anointing. My spirit has been stirred and propelled into action. This is a must read.”

Jerri Hill, wife of the late Evangelist Steve Hill, “His passion for unifying and equipping the Church is evidence not only in these pages, but his personal life. Pastor Caleb pens each word out of deep love and longing for the name of Jesus to be known.”

LaNora Morin, President of FountainGate Ministries International, “Pastor Caleb has clearly received a mandate and pattern to help raise up a prophetic people to become an army. This book is a must read for every spiritual leader and for any believer who is ready to be part of this prophetic army for the last days harvest.”

8 reviews for Pioneering Prophetic Patterns of Purpose eBook

  1. Angela Steusloff

    “This book is revelatory in nature and was confirmation for me that what God is doing He is doing all over the country. You must read this book to see and understand God‘s plans to unite the body of Christ. All of us!”

  2. Grace Terrazas

    I couldn’t put it down. Who doesn’t want to encounter the Living God? To be able to audibly hear Him speaking to you? You must be ready to say YES!!! No matter if you are in Gallup, Truth or Consequences or in your living room, this book will awaken your heart and soul!!!

  3. M Hampton

    This book, I have not been able to put it down. When I have to stop, I dive right back in the second I can! It’s about saying YES! to what God called you to do, and fulfilling what your purpose is on this road called Life. But not just that, its about what it means when you fully allow Him to show you what your YES can do if you completely trust in him 100%. See when we commit to our YES and allow Him to “drive” so to speak, we see things unfold before our very eyes. Not just blessing after blessing which is amazing in itself, but the reasoning of why we are asked to do certain things that may be strange in the beginning but very clear later on. It’s about being obedient to God and fully allowing Him to use us for his Glory. We all have a call that we can say YES to if we allow the holy spirit to lead us. Such a good read, I encourage you to get it!

  4. Vera Molina

    Pastor Cooper is on fire for God and has emphatically said “YES” to the calling on his life to lead the church. This book is an inspiration and beautiful reminder that our God is Alive and works in ways that are unexplainable from a human perspective. Pastor Cooper writes with passion from the heart about how God has guided him along an amazing journey, giving him signs to let him know that God is right there every step of the way. Our God is alive!!

  5. Leticia Trujillo

    I love how Pastor Caleb Cooper shares his calling, his background, and his vision for the state of New Mexico. He shares how we all can be part of the spiritual awakening by just first saying “yes” to God and being obedient. I have not finished the book yet but it is very hard to put down. I look forward to his next book release on July 4th 2020 ‘Jesus Focused’.

  6. D. Coleman

    Pastor Caleb writes like he preaches, passionately! His book is easy to read, and just as he preaches and teaches, he encourages you on to live solely for the Lord. His book will definitely change lives. He has a way of lighting a fire for God in hearts.

  7. Lisa D

    Yes, this book did take me on a journey that opened my eyes to things I hadn’t really seen before. It’ll provoke you to think differently about where you live and encourage you to consider your role in its God-given destiny.

  8. Yvonne Castillo

    Excellent book! I cannot put it down! It talks of miracles, signs and wonders that have happened as Caleb and his family traveled to various cities directed by God!! A lot of prophetic insight and direction. I highly recommend this book!

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