Through a vision of an avalanche, God delivers a wake up call.

Author Steve Hill was given a vivid warning of the false and heretical teachings spreading around the world through pastors and teachers. Hill shares how every aspect of this vision relates to Christians today.

The snow represents the false teaching that is steadily falling on the ears of many Christ followers, covering with many layers the solid foundational truth of Christ. Heresies including universalism, the deification of man, overemphasized grace, and many more that will ultimately destroy the spiritual lives of many Christians.

What happens when snow keeps falling, creating the dangerous threat of an avalanche? Those who heed the warnings are saved, but those who fail to listen are caught in a deadly trap.

  • Understand the spiritual dangers
  • Avoid spiritual destruction
  • Tear down false teachings
  • Secure solid, biblical instruction
  • Establish truth in the work of the Gospel