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Running with Fire Unhindered

There is a race for eternal life that is set before you and how you run it matters. This race can be run spiritually dehydrated by not drinking of the waters of the Holy Spirit. It can be run under the influence of a spirit of sloth that makes you lazy and unproductive. This race can be run without a fiery zeal and passion for the things of God. Your race can be run many ways but rest assured when the race is over, however you run will be recorded in eternity forever. Your spiritual speed, endurance, and faithfulness to stay the course will be reflected at the Judgment Seat of Christ. If we know that the results of our race are recorded in heaven then why not RUN WITH FIRE!

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Your Conduct Affects The Will of God

There seems to be a misconception on the earth concerning the will of God. Many believe that the will of God is automatic as if it happens regardless of how people live their lives. This deception could be no further from the truth of what is revealed in the Word of God. Just because God has an amazing plan for your life does not mean that His plan will manifest in your life just because you are alive on planet Earth and you are daily inhaling and exhaling. Your existence does not trigger the will of God for your life but rest assured your Christ conduct will shift your life into the will of God. Allow me to give you 5 things revealed in the Word of God that will certainly be impactful in propelling you into the will of God for your life.

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