Sinful Signs of a Slothful Servant

The greatest threat to you becoming nothing less than everything that God has called you to be is spiritual laziness that seeks to attack every believer’s life at some point. Just because laziness attacks does not mean you have to comply. The Bible calls it sloth. The parable of the faithful servants versus the slothful servant reveals a lot about God’s expectations when He makes an investment into our lives.

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The More You Know God, The More You Fear Him

We know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The problem is that many do not fear God because they do not know Him. The more you know God in accordance to His Word the greater the fear of the Lord will come upon your life. You must allow your heart to be awestruck by the reality that God spoke the whole world into existence and it is upheld by the Word of His power.

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Running with Fire Unhindered

There is a race for eternal life that is set before you and how you run it matters. This race can be run spiritually dehydrated by not drinking of the waters of the Holy Spirit. It can be run under the influence of a spirit of sloth that makes you lazy and unproductive. This race can be run without a fiery zeal and passion for the things of God. Your race can be run many ways but rest assured when the race is over, however you run will be recorded in eternity forever. Your spiritual speed, endurance, and faithfulness to stay the course will be reflected at the Judgment Seat of Christ. If we know that the results of our race are recorded in heaven then why not RUN WITH FIRE!

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Running The Race To See His Face

Imagine the spiritual race that is set before you every day and this race is the race to see the face of Jesus Christ. It is the most important and rewarding race that you will ever run in your life. The prize after your race will be an incorruptible crown that you will receive in the presence of Jesus Christ and once you receive it you will then cast it at the feet of Jesus Christ. In biblical times crowns were made of wild olive branches for the Olympic Games and all of the crowns were corruptible meaning they would start withering the moment that they were made.

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