One of the most transformational moments of our lives is when the voice of God begins to penetrate our soul and change our lives. Every believer desires to hear the voice of Almighty God.

John 10:27 says, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” I believe there are some things that we can learn about the supernatural sound of God’s voice as we consider how sound operates in the natural. Sound is defined as the vibrations that travel through the air at about 767 mph at about 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Allow me to list three facts about sound in that natural and how they prophetically parallel with the supernatural voice of God.

  1. Sound is comprised of the vibrations in the air that produces power. Rest assured that when God speaks in the earth, it produces power. Remember in the creation account of Genesis 1:3, “God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” The voice of God carries creative power in earth. You should expect the transformational power of God’s voice to impact your life when He speaks. Consider Hebrews 11:3, which says, “By faith we understand that the universe was framed by the word of God, so that things that are seen were not made out of things which are visible.” The voice of God is so powerful that all of creation was made by His declared Word in the earth. Psalm 107:20 says, “He sent His word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction.” The sound waves of heaven are so powerful that everything in the earth can be and is impacted when God speaks to it.
  1. Sound travels faster in warmer temperatures. I believe that believers can hear the voice of God faster when their hearts are on fire for Jesus. I believe that rejecting a lukewarm life of Christianity is key to hearing the voice of God. Lukewarm living hinders the sharpness and quickness in which we hear from God. When Jesus addresses the lukewarm church of Laodicea, He reveals that they were neither hot nor cold, but they were lukewarm. The lukewarm spiritual temperature was so concerning that He speaks to the spiritual ability to hear. Revelation 3:22 says, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” The sound waves of heaven are attracted to hearts that are not playing games with God but are sold out to Jesus, living a life that is white hot and on fire.
  1. Sound bounces back when it hits hard surfaces. Naturally, when sound waves reach a soft uneven surface, sound is absorbed, but when it hits a hard surface, it bounces back. Imagine God desiring to speak to your heart, but you cannot discern His voice because of the condition of your heart. Maybe there have been things that have happened in your life that have caused hurt or offense, creating a hardness of heart in which the sound waves of heaven are bouncing off instead of being absorbed. We must repent for the attitude of our heart.

Hebrews 3:7-8a says, “Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says: “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.” {eoa}