April 9, 2021, marks the 115th anniversary of the great Azusa Street Revival of 1906. This historical revival—that many say 700 to 800 million Christians today can trace their spiritual roots back to—changed the world forever.

This revival was led by an African American man named William J. Seymour. God used this man mightily during the time of Jim Crow laws of segregation, this man who would have to sit outside the classroom to learn about the baptism in the Holy Spirit because of the separation between Blacks and whites.

Seymour was known for preaching on the baptism in the Holy Ghost and fire before he was ever filled with the Holy Spirit. There came a point in history when the power of God would raise up Seymour and baptize him with the fires of Pentecost, empowering him to lead the Azusa Street Revival.

Seymour and the revival are known in history as the catalyst of Pentecost. The glory was so powerful during a time of racial divide that Frank Bartleman the great intercessor of the Azusa Street Revival, said, “The color line was washed away by the blood of Jesus.”

There is only one structure that still remains today from the Azusa Street Revival. It is the house on 216 N. Bonnie Brae St., known as the Bonnie Brae House. This house is called the birthplace of the Azusa Street Revival of 1906. This is the house where Seymour would preach from the porch until a large gathering of people came and the porch collapsed. The miracle is that no one was hurt!

Stories Speak of the Supernatural Power of the Holy Spirit

History records that the supernatural fire of God was seen visibly resting on this home during the revival of 1906-1909. The fire department would show up in response to reports of fire on the rooftop, but the reality was that there was no physical fire as the Bonnie Brae House was engulfed in the Shekinah Glory of God. Jennie Evans Moore, who lived across the street from the Bonnie Brae House, was resting on a stool when the power of God struck her and suddenly she collapsed and began speaking in tongues in six or seven different languages. She had never played the piano before, but when she was filled with the Holy Spirit and power, she walked across the street and played the piano perfectly while singing in tongues as her music was called music from heaven.

The current historian of this house today, known as Sister Sol, still tells the great stories of the revival in the home as she gives the tour. The piano of 1906-1909 still remains in the home today.

Within days, what would become known as the Azusa Street Revival was moved to 312 Azusa St. in Los Angeles. There stands no structure at this location anymore, but the footprint of this revival is marked on the plaza at 312 Azusa St.in Los Angeles, California. History records that the glory of God was so strong that nubs would begin to transform into full arms and full hands as they began to grow back. Wheel chairs, canes and crutches lost their owners. Peg-legs were removed as the power of God restored brand new limbs.

I’ll never forget the first time I went to the Bonnie Brae House and 312 Azusa Street in 2016. As I stood in the exact location of both, I had an encounter where the fire of the Holy Spirit began to physically burn from the top of my head, through my body, down to the bottom of my feet, and I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Son, take the same Azusa fire back to your region.” In that moment I was convinced by the Holy Spirit that the flames of Pentecost that burned from 1906-1909 and burned in Acts 2 in the days of Pentecost is the same fires of awakening that God desires to release today across the globe.

The fire that never changes became a reality to me.

Azusafest Commemorates the Mighty Move of God Annually

There is an annual event, known as Azusafest, that commemorates the reality that the fire of God never changes. April 9, 2021 marks 15 consecutive years that this celebration has happened. This annual gathering is led by Apostles Fred and Wilma Berry, who reopened the Azusa Street Mission in 2006, commissioned by Apostle Bill Hamon and the Christian International Board of Regents to pastor the new Azusa Street Mission. Their mission is “to carry the flame of Azusa to the next generation throughout the nations.”

Since that time, Apostles Fred and Wilma Berry have taught the apostolic prophetic training sessions at 312 Azusa St. and has graduated 3,000 pastors and leaders. The Berrys, known as “God’s Living Flintstones,” are hosting Azusafest 2021 at 312 Azusa St.,where the speakers will include Pastor Caleb Cooper of New Hope Revival Church in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Sen. Shannon Grove of California and evangelist Frank Shelton of Frank Shelton Global.

Services are Friday, April 9, 6-9 p.m. and Saturday, April 10, 12-6 p.m. at 312 Azusa St. in Los Angeles, California. You can register at azusafest.com or simply come and join.

Every year at Azusafest the William J. Seymour Award is given. This year, Sean Feucht of “Let Us Worship” will be the recipient of the William J. Seymour Award for his strong uncompromised stance to lift up the name of Jesus Christ in worship regardless of the challenges the church in America has seen over the last year.